Hosted Javadoc?

Is there a hosted javadoc somewhere? I only found the auto generated graphhopper-core 4.0 javadoc (com.graphhopper) which is great but it is lacking things such as Translation. Indeed, if you go on TranslationMap (GraphHopper Core 4.0 API) and click on a link to Translation, a 404 is what you get. I don’t know if that’s an issue on their part or if it’s indicative of a configuration issue in the maven build.

I have never used hosted javadocs. Maybe the error is because the interface is in a different module?

Why not use the integrated documentation feature in your IDE? (Ctrl+Space in IntelliJ and Netbeans)

You are probably asking because of the documentation of the getEdgeIteratorState method? I think currently you still have to read the code here and there to do low level stuff like this. Even if we hosted the java docs they would still not be sufficient to be of much help I think.

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