Hop-on and Drop-offs in specific order


following issue:

our software calculates the optimal route in a salesman-problem-like order. But, some points need be after some other points.

This case comes, when there are hop-on-stops of customers with their drop-off-stop.

Even if its optimal, the drop-off-stops need to be after the hop-on-ones.

How can we manage this?

thanks a lot!

Can you try to use the relation in_sequence or in_direct_sequence?

Awesome, thanks! “in_sequence” makes it surely.

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I need to ask again,

I we use the routing API over an API-quest like

how can we tell the API, if there are waypoints which needs to placed after waypoints?

Thank you!

If you want more control of the route optimization process you’ll need to use the Route Optimization API (but without calc_points) and then use the returned waypoint order to query the Routing API without optimize=true