Hint API Parameter

Anyone can explain how the point_hint API parameter work? Where can i find the documentation?

Thank you, Nuno

If you pass a coordinate, GraphHopper tries to match the closest edge. Sometimes the wrong edge gets matched. You can pass a point_hint to hint GraphHopper the name of the road you want to match. A typical where matches might be wrong is for addresses that are on the corner of two streets. Other examples are two streets that lie over each other like a bridge or tunnel.


BTW: The documentation for the web api is here and here is an example where you want to force the start at the closest location of “Jagdstraße”: https://graphhopper.com/maps/?point=49.461081%2C11.069992&point_hint=jagdstrasse&point=49.460872%2C11.072041&point_hint=

Please note that the match does not have to be exact like in this case where Jagdstra ß e is stored in OSM data vs. jagdstra ss e.

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Ok. So we can add some tags in the way name right? Where the way name is stored to the graph?
Thank you for your time Peter

via edge.set/getName

Ok. So we can add some tags in the way name right?

what do you mean here?


Ok. And this is done in the OSMReader?

For example. I can add in the name field a tag like “level=1” and then pass “level=1” as a hint to select the correct level right? If at the same coordinate I have to ways with the names “Sun Street ##level=1” and “Sun Street ##level=0” and pass a hint like "level=1"it will select the ways “Sun Street ##level=1”? It’s kind of a hack.