Hiking ways in relations with `route=hiking` tag

The problem
There are many countries which use the relation tag route=hiking to mark national hiking trails and they don’t add sac_scale to the related OSM way entities. As I can see from the code, sac_scale is mandatory, so the route planner doesn’t include these hiking routes in the directions response. The end result is usually the shortest walking route and rarely connects with any hiking trails. Please see the following example:

The result I got:

What I expect: (the website uses Routino algorithm):

I think the key point is without adding sac_scale to every way in a hiking trail, the route planner is unlikely to include those ways in a route plan.

Can you please suggest a solution to overcome this issue?

I have couple of things in my mind but they seem overkill:

  • Download the OSM PBF file, convert to XML, go through all hiking relations and mark the included ways with the tag sac_scale
  • Update OSMReader and add sac_scale while processing the PBF

Which code are you referring to?

And does this change regarding the custom model satisfy what you are looking for?

Thanks so much, your solution is perfect actually. :smiley: :pray:

I referred to allowedSacScale variable in FootTagParser, but as I see I was mistaken.

Can you please help me understand why this condition was the solution in my case?

  "priority": [
      "if": "foot_network == MISSING",
      "multiply_by": "0.5"

We consider route networks for walking by default in our foot and hike vehicles (see here), but we if following these roads create a too big detour we will use a shorter route. And with the custom model I sent, you basically reduce the chance by 50% to get routed on a road without such a route network (i.e. only if really necessary). Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

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