Help with Chinese Postman Problem


In American Football language this would be called a Hail Mary meaning a play of last resort. I want to solve the Chinese Postman Problem for 1KM by 1 KM sections of a city and my developer partners are stuck. I don’t care if it isn’t as efficient as it could be as long as every street is traversed at least once. Is anyone looking for short term project work to help us work through this solution? I am happy to pay for your time.

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I’ve done some work on arc routing problems in the past (the Chinese postman problem is an arc routing problem). Although bits of Graphhopper and jsprit could be useful to you, jsprit itself isn’t really setup for arc routing. Jsprit does node routing - where you’re visiting individual locations. Instead you’re visiting road arcs - so you have to consider things like traversal direction etc. Jsprit could be extended to do arc routing, but I suspect the amount of development involved would probably be similar (or maybe more) than writing a Chinese postman problem solver from scratch.

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Hey Boris, A few years have passed since you posted this but I am wondering if you came up with a solution. We have an App built for Snow Plowing and are now wanting to add navigation and are running into issues. Love to hear how you made out. Thanks!