Help on not routable (car) way

Pls. could you help determining why the following way:

is not routable by car just after the exit:

Note: it works fine on foot. I noticed from history changes that more than 3 months ago it had tag " [access:conditional] no @ (2019 Jan 16-2019 Feb 20)" but this tag has then been removed on Feb 13 from OSM (and in any case we are past that date now). I regenerated my map two weeks ago with fresh OSM data and I have the issue in my local installation as well.

Thanks, I’m puzzled!

Highly likely there is some connection or access problem of the motorway lane more southern.

If you disable subnetwork removal you will be able to identify the location faster via dragging the destination marker until it says “connection not found”.

Update: I found the problem via going one way to the other (and also looking for ugly barrier nodes). It is likely this way where it says “access:restricted”:

Super! Great catch, although that way is more south than the end point in my example, perhaps is graphhopper ignoring one way segments that lead nowhere? Anyway I removed “access:restricted” (that way is open now) - I will recheck shortly.


It makes them inaccessible and therefor it ignores them, yes. Otherwise you’ll get “connection not found” problems that have often a higher problematic impact.