Help for Change

Hi , i wanna create graph data for car,motorcycle,foot for using on android offline Routing
So Change like below :

# Possible options: car,foot,bike,bike2,mtb,racingbike,motorcycle (comma separated)
# bike2 takes elevation data into account (like up-hill is slower than down-hill) and requires enabling graph.elevation.provider below

and add graph.bytes_for_flags=8 too .

after run ./ import '/home/sm/Desktop/'
throw Exeption :

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Couldn't load from existing folder: /home/sm/Desktop/iran-gh but also cannot use file for DataReader as it wasn't specified!

Any one can help me to fix it ?

I using - version 0.10 And java version "1.8.0_162"

Thanks .

As input need to give the area osm/pbf file.

The map files are offline Mapsforge maps, suitable for map viewing, not for creating graphs.

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Oh … Sorry , I did not mention the file name .
thanks bro.

I’m still in favor of putting a real, actual filename into our example config. Like, the Monaco dataset. What do you think?

Why? E.g. in this case it would be overwritten from the file

And in other cases having a name in the default config could hide a wrongly specified datareader.file config, but I’m not insisting if you prefer it :slight_smile:

Where do you put the file? Or how do you tell it where to read it from?