Hello-world like example for offline routing from A to B

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I am an intern at a company who produces business applications (for example solving vehicle routing). In my second week, I got the task to implement an offline routing GiS component (so far they used pythagoras). After some googling I decided to solve the problem with graphhopper. But here is the catch:

I looked at the following snippets:

And with my limited experience I couldn’t understand the vast majority of the code (where to place the osm file, how do I specify the working directory (like is it a string?) - and so on…

So I was wondering if there would be a step by step guide for offline routing in java, where I’ll be explained what for example setGraphHopperLocation(workDir) is and so on.

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PS: I did look into git repositories, but this is my first time building real software, so I am very unfamiliar with the process.

Hello folks, I solved my problem. For other interested interns (or interested persons :)) I posted my answer on stack overflow.

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