Handling country-specific tags?

For inexplicable reasons, riverside foot/cycle paths in Japan are often tagged as:


These are fantastic paths for cycling, but Graphhopper treats these as undesirable when routing for a “Racing Bike”. Is this something that can be accounted for?

Do you have an example link?

Oh geez, sorry, I prepared one but forgot to include it.

The racingbike profile assumes that you want to go fast. A footway where a bicycle is allowed only without segrated=yes is annoying for a racebike. There are millions of these in cities which you will not like to take with a racingbike.

The paths in question are huge, wide, pristinely paved paths reserved for cyclists and pedestrians, but there are few of either. Personally, I think tagging them as footways is not the best. Years ago I tagged them as “cycle+foot path” but apparently Japan has their own way of doing things. :roll_eyes:

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