Graphopper API to find public transport Route

Hi Guys,

I just started using Graphhopper and this might be a noob question so forgive me for this.

Can one actually find public transport links between various GeoCoordinates.

E.g I am given 2 geocoordinates close to 2 different train stations , will Graphopper help me find the route and tell me to take specific trains or buses to arrive at my proposed location?

Best Regards

The Directions API currently has no support for public transit routes.

You can have a look at the underlying open source project though.

wow really. Did not expect that.

1 question? If I am not using isochrome API or Map Matching API, Matrix API, Route optimization, why should I use Graphopper. Google Directions API seems better in those cases.

p.s I am just asking this question as a student who does not know better

We are working on getting public transit into production. If you are just using the Routing API there are still advantages over other providers:

  • Our terms do not restrict the type of application you are building. E.g. navigation application and asset management and more is all allowed
  • we offer different vehicle profiles like mountain bike, scooter, …
  • better bike routing due to better data (IMHO)
  • you can get details like street_name, surface etc for every route (“path details”), which will get richer over the next months
  • We offer customer support
  • We offer a white label option, only OSM attribution required
  • We use open data as a base where a fix can be done within a few days
  • We offer a strict privacy protection
  • More via points are possible
  • Round tour calculation
  • Block area feature
  • You support the open source and open data community (and a small and nice company :wink: )
  • The main parts are open source (which make it possible to run it even offline on Android and iOS)
  • probably more stuff

To be honest our Geocoding API is not on a par with e.g. Google or Here Maps. But we are working on it and for many areas it is already quite good. BTW: you can contribute to this part too!