GraphHopper with PostGIS

Is there a way to connect GraphHopper with Postgresql ?

Hi, what exactly do you need to do? Actually, I’m using both PostGIS & GH, since my server backend is in java, and it’s rather comfortable for it to work both with offline GH engine and Hibernate, but maybe in your case pg_routing may be more comfortable… it depends…

I want to integrated PostGIS with Graphhopper, my data latitude and longitude in PostGIS, i am not using pbf file for render, can you give me a reference?

Hi, do you need to connect graphhopper to a local osm rails port database?
btw I did that and it works.
you need to change (or add new) the “private void readOSM(File file, ReaderElementHandler handler)” method in to read ReaderElement from the database.
then all you need is to create NodeReader, WayReader, and RelationReader classes from the database and pass it to the above new method.
pay attention you should first fetch all nodes, then ways, and finally relations from the database. just like their order in an osm file.

Can you invite me to your repo github? because i dont know location some files you talking about.

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