Graphhopper v7 private road access


Seems to change each version, but was wondering what the new way to implement custom profiles to have access to private roads in v7 in Java?

Previously I used in v4;
graphHopper.getEncodingManagerBuilder().add(new FootFlagEncoder(new PMap().put("block_private", "false")));


graphHopper = new GraphHopper()
                    .setElevationProvider(new CGIARProvider(System.getProperty("user.home")+File.separator+"srtm"+File.separator));


Yes, the Java API is not guaranteed to be stable for different versions. (Only the Http API is.)

For the next versions you should expect even more changes regarding this private road and vehicle matter. It is not yet there where we want it to be. And waiting with releases is not an option for us due to other reasons.

The critical changes are also written in the CHANGELOG. If we miss something there, please let us know.

Thanks for your comments Karussell.
Completely understand the need to change from the Java API perspective and also get why you don’t sit on releases. I tend to only schedule major updates as required in my project, hence the jump from V4 to V7.
I can normally fumble my way through using examples and test cases you publish.

I appreciate the work and support you all provide to the Java API.

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