GraphHopper snapshot jars

@karussell if we want to use latest snapshot code via jars (and not building them), the only way getting them is here ?

Is there in Travis continuous jars building?


Yes, this is the only way. Do you know others?

We’ve have a custom script on one of our dev boxes doing the deployment three times a day if there are changes on the master branch.

I have not searched Travis in detail, but I thought it could manage jar
builds, as CI system (besides code testing).

I mean we do that in Jenkins CI for Mapsforge, so I’m wondering if it
could be accomplished here too.

What are the problems you are having or the advantages we would get?

It’s working fine, just a thought. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could post somewhere a link to snapshot jars for easy finding?

It is already in the docs:

Sorry Peter, you mean the process of building the jars with the ?

Regarding the jar: we do a mvn deploy or similar command to deploy it

Regarding the link: I meant the Embedded Usage