Graphhopper sample error

i’m new here and this my first question
i’m trying to run graphhopper sample on android studio from github, I have succeeded partly to run it but when i tried to download map in remote choice i face this error

what is the wrong ?

Maybe your file system is read-only? Can you try hopper.setAllowWrites(false)?

thanx for reply, it works know also with adding Android 0.6 run-time permissions

excuse me karussell i have other question, my map view look like this

i want it to look like this one with more details:-

how i can do that?

This is not related to GraphHopper routing IMO. Please ask in the mapsforge forum.

GraphHopper uses Mapsforge for the map.
So you’d better ask this in Mapsforge forum.

Hint: you probably need a map render theme to show more elements.

Thank you all so much