GraphHopper Routing Engine 8.0 released

We released GraphHopper 8.0! Thanks to all the contributors!



Minor nitpick: the blog post doesn’t seem to be up yet. It’s a bit irritating to receive the Github announcement with a broken link.

Yeah, got the order a bit wrong. But should be available now.

Any ETA when the new version will be rolled out to GraphHopper Maps | Route Planner ?

It is already there. Or do you mean specific features (like country-dependent max speed)? No ETA for this yet.

Thanks for the work of the people involved.

I will be looking into the curvature detail feature, to see if it is adequate or if it needs improvement. still reports "version": "7.0".

It also looks like urban density isn’t available via details or is that an extended feature like country-dependent speed?

As we have many servers in the background there isn’t a single version possible and so we set it statically. For the same reason the urban_density is available only when using ch.disable=true. But this is likely to change soonish.

Unfortunately we still have to list it as otherwise it won’t be possible in the custom_model. We’ll have to think about this.

It would be really useful for debugging purposes to have access to the urban_density via path details in the public instance.

You can enable a custom model and use an adapted GH maps config to include urban_density

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