GraphHopper Routing Engine 2.0 released

The Graphhopper routing engine 2.0 was released


Let us know about your questions and problems!

Hi Karussell, just wondering if there are name changes to be aware of for classes/required parameters if moving from 1.0 to 2.0, specifically for java applications.

The move to 1.0 needed a bit of rework for some of the core functionality as it implemented quite a lot of change.

Very sad to see the offline routing go, fundamentally important to GPS apps where clients move outside coverage areas or require rerouting whilst on route.
I think graphhopper was the only app that supported this.

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Although the release notes say:

It means that the offline routing feature of GraphHopper could still be used for Android projects but not for all older versions.

That is for newer Android versions should work…

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OK, I’m confused, I’ll try it and see

The only thing that really changed is that GH core now uses Java 8, and some additional work might be required to make it run with older Android versions.

Yes, there were several changes. For the most important one see:

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GraphHopper is an open source project and although we as a small company push lots of things we cannot push everything. We did not decide this lightly and also not finally, please read the following issue:

We are inviting the community to make GraphHopper working for Android e.g. via a fork (like it is already done for iOS) and/or future improvements to the core (as highlighted in the issue). There are still several projects out there that use GraphHopper for offline usage - maybe they can join forces. For example:

Pocket Maps

The open source Android App Pocket Maps using GraphHopper and Mapsforge. It stands under MIT

Locus Add-On

The developers of Locus created a routing plugin for locus the source code for the add-on is available here and could be useful for other Map-apps too. The discussion is here.

Cruiser App

The free offline map app Cruiser is using GraphHopper routing and allows also other things.

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GraphHopper is likely to have problems with Android scoped storage,
which works with streams and not direct file paths.

For offline routing on Android you can also try BRouter.

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Thanks mate, good stuff.

Thanks for this update. The improvements to speed up CH preparation sound really good. Has this speed improvement also been applied to the map matching build?

Please can someone let me know what is minimum memory size required to build graphhopper latest version(planet data)and how much user it can handle.

Currently graphhopper version is 0.13 and server configuration is 124GB RAM and 32 Core. When 4000 hits comes to server in 1 minute then all the RAM(Java Heap Size 100GB) and Core are Full.

Any reply would be helpful.