Graphhopper returns the path back to the initial point at a different time.

I am new to GraphHopper and am using it as a route planning engine. I’m using graphhopper-web-6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and I provided graphopper with several gtfs files and Graphopper correctly creates the model.

[It happens that, if I look for a route that leaves from A at 9am and arrives at B, Graphhopper suggests taking a train at 10.10 am that from A to C. From C then take a new train at 4pm that arrives at B.

The anomaly is that the train that leaves C at 4 p.m. and arrives at B passes through A at 4.15 p.m. Could Graphhopper directly suggest the 16.15 train between A and B?

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior. For examples:

  1. Go to Graphhoper PT-Maps and create new route
  2. from 45.779406,7.295308
  3. to 46.103233,7.073994
  4. at 9.30 AM

Expected behavior
Graphhopper should directly suggest the 16:15 train between 45.779406,7.295308 and 46.103233,7.073994.

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