Graphhopper returning "cannot retrieve costs from graphhopper"


I’m experimenting with the commercial route optimisation API (standard package) and some of the queries I’m submitting are getting this returned:

“message” : “cannot retrieve costs from graphhopper”,
“hints” : [ {
“message” : “Server Error”,
“details” : “class java.lang.RuntimeException”
} ]

I’ve checked my JSON with jsonlint and all of the submissions are being created from the same program so I don’t think it’s a formatting error. I’ve not run out of credits on the dashboard and there are only 23 service locations in the submission (other submissions have over 30 and they work OK).

Any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Would you please check the submitted JSON that the services do not contain invalid service locations - in your case they seem to be lat=0 lon=0. We definitely have to improve the error message here, of course and the original problem is also fixed now.

If this was not the issue you meant, I would need the submitted JSON (e.g. send via private message).

Woops! You’re right, there was a lat/long of 0/0 in the submission that caused that error message.

Mea Culpa sorry :confounded:

No problem and thanks for reporting! Also we have to improve the error messages.

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