GraphHopper not able to generate route

I’m not able to get GraphHopper to generate a route for the points linked below. There was a part of the trail missing on OSM, so I added that on Monday. OSRM are able to route, but GraphHopper continues to fail. I’ve never had updates take this long before, so I’m starting to wonder if I did something wrong (missing tag or something?). Can you please have a look and see if there’s any problem with the map?



Our guarantee about data updates is every week and in the past we were much faster (1-2 days). There are still problems that we have to fix, so that we can provide fast data updates (hopefully in a few weeks).

So it’s just not updated yet? I’ve gotten used to the 1-2 day updates, which was very nice. So I hope you’re able to find a solution that will allow you to enable that again :slight_smile:

Are there any fixed day of the week that the update runs on now? Would be nice to know, as I could then tell my users exactly when they can expect map fixes to go live.

No, unfortunately there are no specific days at the moment.