GraphHopper Navigation Web Service installation


I’m not able to install or configure the GraphHopper Navigation Web Service in a custom server. There’s no readme installation and I’ve tried a lot of things but no one works. I will be very grateful to everyone who can help me. I tried adding it as a module with IntelliJ, but there is no way.
Please, someone would be kind enough to tell me how to install / configure this module to work with the graphhopper server.

Thank you very much!

What exactly did you try? Did you add the resource to dropwizard?


Hi karusell, thank you for your reply! :smiley:

First of all I’ve clone the both git repo, and I’ve added the graphhopper-navigation module in the intelliJ (selecting the pom.xml file from graphhopper-navigation) and then build the JAR file.

I’ve added now the resource to dropwizard but the IntelliJ says the next:

Adding dependency on module ‘graphhopper-navigation’ will introduce circular dependency between modules ‘graphhopper-navigation’ and ‘graphhopper-web’.
Add dependency anyway?

Maybe I’ve to add the JAR only? Or only copy&paste from navigation to web-bundle?

Thank you very much @karussell for help me :slight_smile:

You should not deal with adding jars to the project directly. Handling dependencies in Java should be done via a pom.xml or gradle build file but is out of the scope of this forum.