GraphHopper 1.0 stable release ETA

I noticed that 1.0 pre-39 was released (quite high number).
Because of this and milestone progress I would like to ask what is the estimated time for stable 1.0 version.



Have a look: Plan to release the GraphHopper routing engine 1.0

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Thank you, I will take a look at it and give my feedback :slight_smile:

@karussell I just started updating to the newest version (sorry for such a delay :/) - what is prelmfix? I took a look at commits/ issues and did not find anything connected, there is also nothing in releases.
Edit: I forgot about tags, and also commit is not listed in the master commit list (just
But as I assume it is just ‘named-fix’, not a side release.
Edit2: emmm prelmfix is higher in mavencentral (and as a newer one), even before pre-43.
@easbar nice rename commits convention :slight_smile:

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