Graphhoper using

This is the first time for me to use graphhopper so sorry for this question
in my Android app i have used mapsforge to view maps, now i want to get route between to loactions using graphhoper.
so really i don’t know how to start? What should I do first ?
i have read Quick Start Guide for Developers but i didn’t understand that much :sweat_smile: sorry
is anyone give me clear steps, and thank you in advance

You can check the GraphHopper Android sample (using Mapsforge for the map).

A good reading is also the Routing via Java API.

thank you for reply, but what the library should i import to my project to get start

Have you looked at the sample?
The dependencies are mentioned in the build.gradle.

If you want to use the GraphHopper 0.7, the Android sample can be found here.

so sir where the exactly code or class in sample which create route between locations on the map ?