Gradle project sync failed in Android Studio 3.0.1 [SOLVED]

Hi All,

Is anyone familiar with compiling graphhopper specifically on Android Studio 3.x

I downloaded the Android Studio demo and opened it and it said I can just run it but I get the following error:

Error:Failed to resolve: com.graphhopper:graphhopper-parent:0.10-SNAPSHOT

Questions that might help:
Do I need to download any files like a jar file?
Which folder do I put them?
Do I need to download any map files?
Which type and which folder do I put them?

Thanks for any help.

There isn’t any graphhopper-parent dependency in Android sample build.gradle file.

Are you sure opening the “graphhopper/android” not the parent “graphhopper” in Android Studio?

Just tested it and above description seems right.

Even if make the dependencies no transitive, the sample does not work.

Maybe related to the recent change ?

@nassausky can you switch to the 0.9 stable branch?

It seems so. Some days ago before that merge I tested sample and it worked fine.

Also if publish the artifacts in local Maven it works. Probably somehow the external publish causes the issue?

It could be. As it uses the SNAPSHOT it should normally fall back to this revision variable. But maybe there is a similar problem like we had here

What is the complete stack trace?

With the sample first open there is just a notification for the failed resolved dependency.

Thanks & strange.

The pom in sonatype repo looks ok to me. No unresolved revision variable.

Can confirm it via CLI

graphhopper/android$ ./gradlew build

It somehow searches for


but there is only


The wrong file reference with ...134-499.pom is caused due to this metadata xml

Have created So this is either a bug there or a bug in maven 3.5.

Highly likely a maven issue for the deployment

Yep I’m running it from the subfolder called Android from the graphhopper parent. Not from the the root graphhopper folder.

This conversation is getting deep for me as far as a stack trace. I’ll follow whatever instructions you need if you tell me how to get the information you need to help resolve the issue.

Doing this on my free time and it looks like a real fun project working with maps.


Can you just try again? As this should be fixed now. Or as indicated below switch to the 0.9 branch:

git checkout 0.8

Great I got it to run.

  1. I removed the directory structure of the project and unzipped it again from yesterdays original download
  2. Opened it.
  3. Ran it

(Not sure if it was related but the first time I ran it yesterday I did open it from the parent folder so that might have messed up some of the project files or it was an update but not sure how it grabbed the new update if I didn’t download any new files since yesterday)

For anyone interested.
I missed the message that said GraphHopper is not usable without external storage.
then I saw the opening screen and chose to download a map since there was none locally and it crashed "Unfortunately GraphHopper has stopped. " after downloading part of a map.

What I had to do was edit my AVD virtual device and show advanced settings then up the SD card (Studio Managed) to 2 Gig



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