GPUs instead of CPUs

Hello All,

Is it possible to run the algo iterations on a GPU instead CPU? If yes, is it good idea? Will there be any performance improvement?


For your first question: No, I don’t think it can be run on GPU at the moment.

Would it be a good idea? I’m not sure. Running algorithms on GPU mostly helps on massively parallel algorithms and MVRP is not one. Some parts could be changed to work parallely, but not so massively. Also, the best algorithms to run on GPU the ones with a lot of numeric operations (such as ones with huge matrix operations). This algorithm is not one either.

The current implementation of Jsprit is not even parallel. :wink: This is something we could think of later, but it is not on the short roadmap as far as I know.

This said, I have to admit, I am not a GPU algorithm expert, so my answer can’t be regarded as absolute.

Thanks @Balage1551.
I found this paper for running VRP on GPUs -

Just wanted to share this.