GH can find car routes, but no bike and foot routes

What is again the reason why GH can sometimes only find car routes, but no bike routes? … even there are smaller streets which can be used by bike

Mostly this is due to access restrictions. A GraphHopper Maps example would help

I also have an issue with this, specifically on a self-hosted instance (version 0.5 stable).
Here is an example of a roughly 3 minute walk on GraphHopper Maps:

This yields a result on the map, which is great.

I have used the exact same coordinates when running this locally, to obtain the json data as follows:

This yields no result, but instead returns the following response:

“message”: “Vehicle not supported: foot”,
“hints”: [{
“message”: “Vehicle not supported: foot”,
“details”: “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException”

Note that changing the vehicleType to car yields a result! How can this be fixed??

I answered your question already on stackoverflow

I saw that, thanks for the response. I upvoted your answer as well.