Getting PointNotFound Error for Start position, but route works when end location is moved!


I am serving Montana(US) area with following commands:
./ -a web -i montana-latest.osm.pbf -o montana-gh

I am trying to find route between below locations:
Start: 47.0838,-109.729
End: 46.07748,-109.731295
It throws error: Cannot find point 1: 47.0838,-109.729

But if I change end point to 46.079639,-109.650807, it gives a successful route. How is changing end point resolving issue of PointNotFound for start?
How to overcome this issue in similar other situations?
Is there any threshold on road snap, if yes, how do I modify it?

Could you share what pbf file and config file is used in ?
As, I am trying to setup graphhopper for USA from geofabrik I have added foot endcoder in config-example.yml. But I am unable to get route from 46.0838,-109.729 to 46.079639,-109.650807 via car. While gives successful route for same location.

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