Getting a complete sh folder without having to compile it

I apologize if this has already been asked here before.

Is there any way to download a compiled graph for GraphHopper?
I can compile virginia-latest.osm.pbf (300mb) but not us-latest.osm.pbf (6GB).
I realize the size differences.

I have 16 GB of RAM and an (2013) i7 gen 3. I allocated 10 GB Xms and Xmx, and gave it 23 minutes. No good. The US map will not compile.

What’s it going to take?

I will attempt for you. What version of gh are you using?

I’m using master branch on github. Whatever that is. Though I’d downgrade or do whatever if you got a US folder compiled.

Master branch here:

Been compiling with intellij settings here:

Running now, only 5.6gb of memory initially used. - 9:40pm
Seems more limited to CPU.
I think you should just leave yours running.

osmway ids @ 8.8gb - 9:45pm - creating graph
locs @ 10gb - 9:50pm
Parsing ways @ 10.2gb - 9:51pm
Finding subnetworks @ 10.2gb - 9:56pm (still no file output)
Edges @ 10.5gb - 10pm (location_index created @ 723mb file)
Contraction hierarchies @ 11.5gb - 10:01pm

PC hard locked @ 10:13pm :frowning:

Ill try again.

It took about an hour to run, that was with an i5 2500k overclocked to 4.3 ghz.
Running on an SSD.
I allowed java to use 14gb. -Xmx14G

Give it a shot and allow about 1 hour. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you and I can upload.
Keep in mind I used 0.5.0 just for my own ease of testing it and if it’s really needed I can use a different version.

I appreciate your posts @Gregws. Thanks.
I only have 16GB so I don’t think I can use 14GB. I’m also definitely not overclocking.

So now I guess i need to find a PC I can rent to do this job? AWS?

I only have 16gb of ram. Just don’t have other applications open when running.
If you have page file setup it might use that? But it is a lot slower.
Set it to 14gb, give it a shot you have only an hour to lose :slight_smile:
You can watch it in task manager as its progressing to see changes in ram and cpu

OK. Against my sanity, I’ve set to 14GB max and started it again. So far so good after 30 mins. Fingers crossed.

Even if I do get this running: anyone have ideas on how to host this server? Without breaking the bank?

Praise Jesus, it compiled. Started at 8:29am, ended at 09:36am.

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Awesome stuff! and pretty close to that 1 hour mark :smiley:
Nothing can stop you now!

I don’t host, I use it as a stand alone application which I package with a prebuilt graph. So can’t help you there.