Get tag Node and Identify nodes when passing

Hi, I am newbie
I am working on a project that involves the fastest directions and traffic lights. My ideal, when going through a node with the tag “Highway = Traffic_signals”, the weight will add a value as time. In, I’m try add code:

    public double calcWeight(EdgeIteratorState edge, boolean reverse, int prevOrNextEdgeId) {
        double speed = reverse ? edge.getReverse(avSpeedEnc) : edge.get(avSpeedEnc);
        if (speed == 0)
            return Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;

        double time = edge.getDistance() / speed * SPEED_CONV;

        // add direction penalties at start/stop/via points
        boolean unfavoredEdge = edge.get(EdgeIteratorState.UNFAVORED_EDGE);
        if (unfavoredEdge)
            time += headingPenalty;

            time += 50;
        return time;

GH Version: 13.0

Maybe my code wrong, but I tried many ways, it doesn’t get node with tag (“highway”,“traffic_signal”). Everyone please help me how to get tag and Identify nodes when passing.

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