Get Nodes around particular point

Hello Graphhopper Devs,
Is it possible to find all the nodes around a particular point (lat, long), given a certain distance from the point (radius). Is there a method that can do this?

I am using JAVA.
I am new to Graphhopper and I haven’t found an answer or a solution to this anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

maybe this?


The isochrone is also open source:

In master branch you can also try locationIndex.query(BBox), see

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Thanks for your prompt replies.
The Isochrone API provides a solution to my issue.

I ran into another problem. I can’t use GHRequest to make calls to the Isochrone API (from my Java code).
What is the right class for Isochrone API calls?

The Java API is explained here:

The web API is explained here:

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