Geocoding for "somers new york" returns the admin boundary but not the town

(1) apologies if this isn’t the right place to discuss the geocoding endpoint
(2) additional apologies if this is more of a bug report and should have been reported in github issues. I wasn’t sure which repo to file it under.

I was searching for the city of Somers, New York and the /geocode endpoint didn’t return the place=town of Somers, New York in the top 5 results, but returned the less accurately named “Town of Somers” administrative boundary instead. The town does exist here: Node: ‪Somers‬ (‪158874953‬) | OpenStreetMap so I’m surprised that it didn’t even show up.*****

Is there something missing from that town node that is making it not show up in the results?

Thanks for the report. It seem that some precision is missing in our default geocoding engine. Does it work when using provider=nominatim?

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