Geocoding API autocomplete


does geocoding API service offers autocomplete feature? I can see that input FROM/TO fields on provide autocomplete. Is there such service as part of Geocoding API? I can’t find any info about it in docs.

Thank you

Yes, you just send a query to the /geocode endpoint and get back a completing response

Ohh thank you. It works, but default provider isn’t ideal. Maybe additional question - do you know if it’s possible to influence the priority for order of results or type of OSM elements?
I tried the example query “breme” with point in center of Bremen but the result contains some streams or canals in France / Italy.
the query:,8.63

Indeed this seem to be suboptimal, especially since you enabled the location bias. The problem in this example is that the match is an exact match and should be treated as much more important. E.g. if you have a location bias in bremen and for “berlin” still the city Berlin should be found and not only results with “bremen berliner straße”. Really complex topic :slight_smile:

We are currently working to add another external provider “gisgraphy” that also supports autocomplete that does not seem to have this problem.

I can understand that it’s complex task. There are several variables that can influence the result…the distance, similarity, importance of element…quite complicated. I was only curious if there are some not documented parameters :slight_smile:
I’ll try the gisgraphy as soon as be available. BTW: nominatim or opencage also get little bit better results.

There is an undocumented filtering feature which might help you, but also makes troubles sometimes.