Generate map tiles using GraphHopper API?

Hello, all. I’m new to GraphHopper. I wanted to enquire if we could somehow generate map tiles using the GraphHopper API?

I followed a related discussion that was posted back in March’ 16, where @karussell (one of the GraphHopper authors) said “… but we won’t include tiles or geocoding stuff in GraphHopper as it does not belong to routing IMO”. Has there been any development in this regard in the past 3.5+ years since that discussion post? I looked for relevant discussions on GraphHopper Discussions but couldn’t find any.

The problem I need to solve: given a list of lat/long coordinates, I need to generate map tiles of the location of certain pre-specified image dimensions. Any help is appreciated.

Have you considered using mapsforge instead?
There are .map files available for regions which you can then just center on coordinates.
It handles GPS markers and route paths.

Hi @Gregws. Thanks for replying.

After posting this question I looked up online and I think I’ll use the Omniscale API (what GraphHopper uses to source map tiles). This should suffice my need. If I face issues, I’ll look into mapsforge.

No problem. Sing out if you need help getting started with Mapsforge.

We only have a debugging: