Foot routing with GraphHopper and OpenStreetMap

Hi I am new to Graphhopper and OpenStreetMap, I am trying to map a university campus and allow for foot routing.

I am having some problems with the routing. There are two roads in particular that refuse to be accessible via any of the GraphHopper routing. The one I am using as an example is called ‘Centreway’.
Via Foot

The Car (OSRM Routing) seems to work, however.

I have set the Allowed Access for road as All: yes, Foot: yes

I have waited a few days because I thought it might take some time for the routing to be updated, but nothing seems to have changed.

Am I missing some settings/tags somewhere?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Link to the general area is here:

We currently have problems with our data update mechanism and hope to provide the next update in ~2 days.


Maybe the fact that Glenn drive is a private road/street could be the issue here.

The issue has been fixed. Thank you!