Foot Profile Bridleway

Currenty FootFlagEncoder does not allow bridleways
// disallowed in some countries

Firstly, what’s the easiest way to (programmatically) allow “bridleway”. I can extend the FootFlagEncoder class but that seems an unwieldy solution.

Secondly, I imagine that walking on bridleways is allowed in the vast majority of countries, In fact in a brief search I couldn’t find any reference to it not being allowed. If so it would seem to make little sense to exclude them for the few edge cases.

Unfortunately currently for this a source code change is required or extending it and removing bridleway from allowedHighwayTags.

  1. I presume you mean “adding bridleway to allowedHighwayTags”

  2. Any views on adding bridleways to the FootFlagEncoder in the project code?

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