Follow up traffic and time dependent optimization


unfortunately, the discussion in Traffic and time dependent optimization has been closed. However, I have a question that is actually related to this thread.

In this thread, it was said:

We split the day into time slices to account for typical variations of travel time during the day, e.g. caused by the rush hours of private traffic. Based on these time slices, we determine travel times from location i to j. It also considers that travelling from i to j might cross more than one time slice. In other words, travel times are dependent on the departure time of the vehicle as well as on the location.

I am wondering, if this means that you compute multiple travel times for travelling from i to j and the during the optmization decide, which travel time to choose depending on when the vehicle would actually do the travel from i to j OR if you compute all travel times based on the time of day when the vehicle would start at its first location and the travel time from i to j would refer to that time of day rather then to the time, when the vehicle would actually do the travel from i to j?

Would be happy to learn about this.


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