Facing issues with graph.flag_encoders

When i add the value for
graph.flag_encoders = foot, car, traffic|turn_costs=true,
and setTurnCosts = true for car profile,
it gives error
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The profile 'car' was configured with 'turn_costs=true', but the corresponding vehicle 'car' does not support turn costs.

But when i change
graph.flag_encoders = foot, traffic, car |turn_costs=true
and setTurnCosts = true for car profile,
then it works without any error.

Is there any specific order in which graph.flag_encoders need to be set for turn_costs to work?

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No but you have to enable turn costs for every vehicle you want to use with turn costs, e.g.


(afaik turn costs does not work for the foot encoder at the moment, and not sure what you mean with the traffic encoder?)

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thanks, that would do

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Traffic encoder is some custom encoder that we created.

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