Explorer Isochrones different from self hosted

Hi all,

Just got the self hosted version of Graphhopper running - awesome tech! To test is out, I compared the foot isochrones I got from the explorer (https://explorer.graphhopper.com/, https://graphhopper.com/api/1/isochrone?key=f2b4cb43-64dd-46f5-94a5-3212fdbbd65e&point=49.21768071042355,-122.96575985754895&buckets=1&time_limit=300&profile=foot) to those I got from the self hosted version with the foot_elevation profile. The attached image shows the rough difference between the two, with the red line indicating the end of the isochrone for self hosted case.

I’ve seen a number of posts regarding differences between the self hosted version based on OSM and what’s being used on explorer.graphhopper.com, specifically for route finding for cars/trucks. I was wondering if anyone knew more about the differences in the case of foot profiles?


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