Example apk navigation

Ghraphhopper has a SDK navigation to integrate with applications.
So, I downoaded the sample code following this tutorial instructions https://www.graphhopper.com/blog/2019/02/11/get-started-with-graphhopper-navigation/

In this tutorial says that you change [YOUR_KEY] (in developer-config.xml) and junst replace by your graphopper key. So I login in my account an in the API keys, just copy one key and put in the code.

When starts the application, the map show nothing (just a white screen). When I debug code the onMapReady event not fire.
I’ve made more test, for example if put this addrees (that stay in developer-config.xml) in my browser: https://tiles.mapilion.com/assets/osm-bright/style.json?key=<> just answered: Unauthorized: Invalid key. Please contact us and retrieve a valid key.

What’s the correct graphopper key? just the API key section on my profile?

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Ah, good question. We have to make clear that there are two different API keys: one for the routing (gh_key) and one for your vector tiles (like maptiler, mapilion, thunderforest, …) which you have to replace 3 times. Have fixed this and also updated the tutorial.

Thanks for your reply.
Mapilion require to pay to make a test, so i try with maptiler API.

To use maptiles instead of mapilion, just register in maptiles and:
in this key just put this url:

and in this keys:



You don’t need to pay for mapilion, there is no automatic signup yet. Just send them an email and you will receive a free API key to test mapilion and to develop your app.


As of Feb. 20th, 2020 the previous domain was shut down on Thursday, February 27, 2020, so the new links are respectively



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Thank you for your post, I have run apk on my phone.