Error to connect localhost

Hello i m new to using graphhopper, i just started to install the graphhopper and experienced some problems but I can overcome them, but when I want to connect to localhost using the following code “java -D “dw.graphhopper.datareader.file=berlin-latest.osm.pbf” -jar graphhopper-web-8.0.jar server config-example.yml” there is a problem that says “cannot load custom_model from location car.json, profile:car”. To solve this I would like to ask for help what to do? thank you.

@karussell @easbar pliss help, i just confused and stuck

You need to explain more thoroughly what you are doing otherwise it is impossible to help. For GraphHopper 8 you need the config-example.yml file from the 8.x branch: graphhopper/config-example.yml at 8.x · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub

I apologize in advance, but it’s working now. But the new problem is that I have accessed the localhost but when I try to create a route from the origin city to the destination city, it is not detected.


The GraphHopper routing engine does not include geocoding (finding the coordinates of places by name). If you enter the coordinates or set the markers by right clicking the map it should work. You can setup external geocoding like geocodingApi: '' here (this requires setting up the API key as well).

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