Error: pt_time value too large for encoding

I try to build a GTFS feed, and it worked ok until I changed stop_times.txt. I recalculated stop times to account for slow movement in traffic. Hence, times were increased, and I see this error message.

! java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: pt_time value too large for encoding: 135024, maxValue:131071

There’s no info, which line causes it.

If I open stop_times.txt there are times, and in seconds they are these:

483106     86371
482134     86371
483364     86352
482392     86352
3825205    86302
1128727       34
3823642       21
3825226       21
1129517       19
1130165       19

What is 135024 then? Should I divide it by 10 or by 100 to get seconds?

If you increase the maximum value for this property in PtEncodedValues to e.g.

builder.add(new UnsignedIntEncodedValue(“pt_time”, 18, false));

it will accept bigger values.

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Turned out I calculated routes and stop times incorrectly.

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