Endless loop QueryGraph.setBaseNode(qr.getClosestNode())


Because I want to use the last version of graphhopper I adjusted map-matching.
Most of it was replacing CmdArgs with GraphHopperConfig.

with graphhopper-core version>1.0-pre3 map-matching does’nt work anymore.

reason: the iterator of
QueryGraph.setBaseNode(qr.getClosestNode()) gives back the same edge again.and again.

This happens in:
com.graphhopper.matching.createVirtualEdgesMap() calls
EdgeIterator iter = explorer.setBaseNode(qr.getClosestNode());

This endless loop you will encounter in the unit tests.as well.

Any Idea?


I have found that this is fixed in branch upgrade_to_1.0-pre4

The last version would be 1.0-pre20 at the moment, which is compatible with graphhopper main 1.0-pre20. The error you mentioned was indeed fixed in between 1.0-pre3 and 1.0-pre4