Encoding does not match

When I just added foot like this at configuration.yml
graph.flag_encoders: car,foot


java.lang.IllegalStateException: Encoding does not match:
Graphhopper config: car|speed_factor=5.0|speed_bits=5|turn_costs=false|version=2,foot|speed_factor=1.0|speed_bits=4|turn_costs=false|version=5
Graph: car|speed_factor=5.0|speed_bits=5|turn_costs=false|version=2
Change configuration to match the graph or delete uzbekistan-latest.osm-gh/
	at com.graphhopper.storage.GraphHopperStorage.loadExisting(GraphHopperStorage.java:248)

Is it too many vehicles?

I changed bytes_for_flags to 8 like this recommendation “increase the flags to more bytes via graph.bytes_for_flags: 8” and as also I deleted .osm-gh folder. But this error is not disappeared.

No. You likely changed the configuration. After that it is required to

 delete uzbekistan-latest.osm-gh/

Did you try this?

Yes, I did. It’ll be failed at the prebuilt 13 version of jar file. But when I tried at 13 docker version, it works. I don’t know exactly what’s difference.

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