Dynamic Service time


I am trying to solve a model with a constraints as follows:

We have a bunch of delivery jobs. Some of them have the same location but different time windows. Each job has a service time of 10 minutes. However, if a vehicle deliver two jobs at the same location, the first jobs still take 10 minutes but the second one will take only 5 minutes.

How could I implement the above constraint? Thanks.


Then, your jobs have 5 minutes of setup time, in order to effectively perform your activities of 5 minutes each.

There is currently a pull request in order to add this feature to Jsprit :

So have a look to this one :wink:

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Why not to have a dynamic service time, where we provide a handle/callback function to dynamically compute the service time. This gives more programming flexibility

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Thanks. It is exactly what I am looking for. Just wonder when it will be tested and officially merged to master branch?

@apoorv2203 The current Service time is not context dependent while it is fully dependent in that case. Moreover it depends if you consider this “setup time” as effectively an activity time, it could have its own cost. An entire dynamic service time could be good but need some breaking change in the core.

@pocoman @stefan should have a look at it soon :wink: