Does the TomTom traffic data addon consider seasonality of traffic?

We’re using the cloud service with the TomTom data addon. We have a customer who is based in a tourist destination, and the summer traffic is very different to the winter traffic. Does the traffic/routing engine take seasonality into account?


To my knowledge the TomTom data we get does not explicitly consider this. Still we update the data multiple times per year so I can imagine that this is still reflected there. Note that we support only a limited set of profiles for TomTom.

Or do you mean data like a hiking trail is not open in winter and similar situations? This is covered when you use our hike profile (which uses OpenStreetMap data).

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Ok thanks, that makes sense. We’re using the profiles of car and small_truck only, so we should be ok. The reason it’s busier is that lots of people visit the area for holidays and so the road network is considerably busier in the summer and people don’t visit as much in winter.