Docker container only responding to /route requests


First of all, thanks for creating graphhopper - it really is an awesome piece of software. I’ve installed it on a server to experiment with using the API on a web application (which currently runs on a different server). I’m running it with a simple docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile that basically just point at the one from the github repository at the moment (I tend to start like this as I find it easier to tweak things later from this basis). I’ve included a copy of both below.

It built fine and runs fine (using the europe-latest.osm.pbf dataset) - I can access the map via port 11111 (although I’d rather disable this to be honest as I just want API access) and I can access /route to make route requests.

I’m assuming that isochrones and geocoding should be supported by this: they’re both listed with ticks in the open source column in the table at the bottom of However, I haven’t figured out how to access them. Please can you help?

The bottom of the docker log is shown below: /isochrone is listed, as is something called /nearest, but both of these produce a 404 error. /route works. If I navigate to the / address and do a query involving a couple of UK postcodes, the Chrome network logger shows it’s going to nominatim rather than using the GraphHopper geocoding API, so perhaps it isn’t supported despite the table on the graphhopper website.

Please can someone help me figure out what I’m missing here?



docker-compose logs output:

osm-graph-hopper | INFO  [2019-06-09 22:37:41,595] io.dropwizard.jersey.DropwizardResourceConfig: The following paths were found for the configured resources:
osm-graph-hopper |
osm-graph-hopper |     GET     / (com.graphhopper.http.resources.RootResource)
osm-graph-hopper |     GET     /i18n (com.graphhopper.resources.I18NResource)
osm-graph-hopper |     GET     /i18n/{locale} (com.graphhopper.resources.I18NResource)
osm-graph-hopper |     GET     /info (com.graphhopper.resources.InfoResource)
osm-graph-hopper |     GET     /isochrone (com.graphhopper.resources.IsochroneResource)
osm-graph-hopper |     GET     /nearest (com.graphhopper.resources.NearestResource)
osm-graph-hopper |     GET     /route (com.graphhopper.resources.RouteResource)
osm-graph-hopper |
osm-graph-hopper | INFO  [2019-06-09 22:37:41,610] org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler: Started i.d.j.MutableServletContextHandler@3728a578{/,null,AVAILABLE}
osm-graph-hopper | INFO  [2019-06-09 22:37:41,713] io.dropwizard.setup.AdminEnvironment: tasks =
osm-graph-hopper |
osm-graph-hopper |     POST    /tasks/log-level (io.dropwizard.servlets.tasks.LogConfigurationTask)
osm-graph-hopper |     POST    /tasks/gc (io.dropwizard.servlets.tasks.GarbageCollectionTask)
osm-graph-hopper |
osm-graph-hopper | INFO  [2019-06-09 22:37:41,764] org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler: Started i.d.j.MutableServletContextHandler@115ca7de{/,null,AVAILABLE}
osm-graph-hopper | INFO  [2019-06-09 22:37:42,190] org.eclipse.jetty.server.AbstractConnector: Started application@7e2c64{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}
osm-graph-hopper | INFO  [2019-06-09 22:37:42,219] org.eclipse.jetty.server.AbstractConnector: Started admin@7c1e32c9{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{localhost:8990}
osm-graph-hopper | INFO  [2019-06-09 22:37:42,267] org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server: Started @13769296ms


version: '2'
        container_name: osm-graph-hopper
        build: .
            - /zfs.mount/maps/pbf:/data
            JAVA_OPTS: "-server -Xconcurrentio -Xmx16g -Xms1g -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MetaspaceSize=100M -Ddw.server.applicationConnectors[0].bindHost= -Ddw.server.applicationConnectors[0].port=11111"
            - "11111:11111"
        command: /data/europe-latest.osm.pbf


FROM graphhopper/graphhopper

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