Distance metric used by route engine?

Hello! I used the open source call api
to get the distances between multiple points.
I would like to know what kind of metric is behind these calculations, is it Manhattan distance?

Thank you!

No, it is the distance of the route calculated by GraphHopper. Hard to say in a few words, but it is the distance of the route we recommend for bikes going from A to B. You can visualize the route on GraphHopper Maps, e.g. Graphhopper Maps

Hello, thank you for your answer. My question was more focused on the mathemical formula used behind, if it’s known which metric/formula is used to calculate these distances

This is explained here: graphhopper/custom-models.md at master · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub

At least this is what happens when the custom weighting is used. For the others like fastest/shortest etc. weightings it works in a similar way.

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