Distance Matrix API - timeout?

Hi, I’m trying to find a 488 x 488 time/distance matrix. Currently, the request times out at 15 seconds however and I get the following error message as a response: {‘message’: ‘timeout’, ‘status’: ‘finished’}.

Is there a way to increase the timeout?

I’m using Python, if that makes a difference.

A distance matrix of this “small” size should not take this long. Make sure it is not a different problem and you use the POST request, very important for a matrix of this size also as the request could be gzipped.

Feel free to contact us via Email and send me the request or the time you sent it.

I actually realised why that was the case - when I was evaluating the distance matrix, I had “ch.disable=true” enabled. Once I got rid of that, I got the distance matrix within 2 seconds.

Thanks for your help!

Ah, ok. (this parameter should not be possible for the Matrix, will investigate)