Distance for Car profile is much greater as compared to other profiles including truck

Point A - 17.369413,78.429215
Point B - 17.365573,78.428822

The distance between the following locations using graphhopper version 0.13 is approx 450m for all vehicle profiles.

However, after upgrading the version to 4.0, it can be seen that the distance is around 13 km for car profile and for the other profiles, it is still 450m.

It is observed that for other profiles even for the vehicle type truck, the route returned is just 450m.

Is there any specific reason why it is returning a larger distance only for car profiles and what change/restriction is causing the distance difference between the 2 versions?

Did you compare this for the same source data? Very likely this is only a data change.

You can zoom in to the destination and you’ll see that it snaps to the other road leading to a long detour as it has to leave the highway.

Start seems to be snapped on the elevated road:

Yep it does snap to the other road but it is strange that this seems to be the case only for car profile. Any idea why this isn’t so for other profiles like truck

Google call gives a much smaller distance around 3.5 km

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