Displaying all possible routes on the map

I would like to display all possible routes from the parsed nodes. Something like https://www.openrailwaymap.org/ but for my specific parsed nodes. Where do I start? Or is it beyond the scope of graphhopper? Thank you.

You just need to click ‘Routing Graph Layer’ in the layers menu in the top right corner of the maps app to see the entire routing graph.

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Sorry, where is it exactly? I am checking now Driving Directions - GraphHopper Maps

It is not available on graphhopper.com, because it would take too many resources, but you should see it when you start your own local instance.

I am using GitHub - graphhopper/graphhopper-maps: GraphHopper Maps UI and I do not see it. I also set routingGraphEnabled to true in MapOptionsStore.ts, but still same.

How do you run the web app / UI? Can you not run your local server and view http://localhost:8989/maps/ in your browser?

I just run npm run serve like described in GitHub - graphhopper/graphhopper-maps: GraphHopper Maps UI

Ok, then you probably need to set routingGraphLayerAllowed to true in config.js (in the graphhopper-maps code), or if it exists in config-local.js. Changing it in MapOptionsStore only changes the initial value that is probably overwritten by the config or something.

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