Display routing graph for "foot" profile

I want to display the routing graph for the “foot” profile. I only changed the MiniGraphUI class to the “foot” profile.

It seems that the MiniGraphUI does not show the real street network, but only displays the necessary nodes. However when I compute routes using the MiniGraphUI, it displays the correct routes how they would like in reality:

shown routing graph:

computed route:

I would like to display the “normal” street network - not any artificial shortcuts.

Does anyone have any idea how to do that?

Thanks and best regards!

This is a debugging tool showing you only the connection between junctions - ie. the underlying graph. To plot also the pillar nodes you can fetch and plot them via edge.fetchWayGeometry(2)

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Thanks. That was a good hint. I implemented it in this way:

while (edge.next()) {
PointList wayGeometry = edge.fetchWayGeometry(2);
int wayGeometrySize = wayGeometry.getSize();

if (wayGeometrySize > 1) {
    for (int i = 0; i < wayGeometrySize - 1; i++) {
        double lat_pillar_1 = wayGeometry.getLat(i),
                        lon_pillar_1 = wayGeometry.getLon(i);
        double lat_pillar_2 = wayGeometry.getLat(i + 1),
                        lon_pillar_2 = wayGeometry.getLon(i + 1);
        mg.plotEdge(g2, lat_pillar_1, lon_pillar_1, lat_pillar_2,
                        lon_pillar_2, 1.2f);
} else {
    int nodeId = edge.getAdjNode();
    int sum = nodeIndex + nodeId;
    if (fastPaint) {
        if (bitset.contains(sum))
    double lat2 = na.getLatitude(nodeId);
    double lon2 = na.getLongitude(nodeId);
    mg.plotEdge(g2, lat, lon, lat2, lon2, 1.2f);


It works for me so far. But I am sure there is a much nicer way how to do it …

Yes, this looks good :slight_smile:

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